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We've been serving our customers and local communities for over 90 years, proudly celebrating our dedication to safety, integrity and customer service providing a full-range of benefits to both residential and commercial customers.

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We deliver more than the power of clean-burning Santa Fe Propane to our Customers.

We deliver the power of choice with a host of service options to satisfy a variety of propane needs. 

So, whether you are a building a new home or retro-fitting your home to start taking advantage of savings propane can provide your utility bills, Santa Fe Propane has you covered with a portfolio of services that fit your lifestyle and your budget.

When choosing a propane supplier, you want the right partner. Our certified Propane Professionals live in the same communities they serve, so they understand the needs that you have as a home propane user: convenience, flexibility, and reliability.

Will Call Service:

Will call service means just that. You call us when your tank gauge reading is between 20-25%. This service requires 72 hours notice prior to your deliver extra charges if you run out of gas.

If you ever run out of gas, we must perform a special safety test before placing the system back in service. An additional charge will usually apply for this important precaution.

Automatic Fill Service:

At Santa Fe Propane we believe our customers deserve the peace of mind that comes with prompt, dependable service. To eliminate the worry and added expense of running out of gas, we offer automatic delivery through our Automatic Fill Service—Free to customers with approved credit.

Auto Fill is about accurately delivering propane based on your individual household needs, not a rigid routing routine. Our Smart Monitoring technology tells us when you need propane, then we schedule the delivery.

Sign up for Automatic Fill Service and you won’t have to check your propane supply again!

We’re Northern Arizona's premier propane provider and a trusted partner to thousands of customers across the Quad Cities – people just like you. Let us help you discover the service that’s right for you, sign up today to become a new Santa Fe Propane customer, or contact our office for more information.


Payment Plans

Santa Fe Propane understands you are busy so, we offer several payment plans that make it easy to do business with us. Life can be unpredictable, but your propane bill shouldn't’t be!


Special pre-season rate

With the PreBuy plan you purchase your annual supply of propane during summer when pricing can often be lower. Enrollment is typically from 8/1 - 9/15. Since rates can fluctuate during this time, you have a choice of when to lock in. Once you decide to lock in you need to know how much fuel to prebuy (a min. of 250 gals. is required). We can help you figure this out by looking up how many gallons you used last year. Payment is due in full on the day of your commitment.

To learn more give us a call today: 928-636-1313.


Comfort Plus

Benefit when rates spike

Comfort Plus always gives you the best possible price for your fuel. When propane costs rise, as they often do in the winter, you stay protected with a cap on the rate you pay. You never pay more than your cap, no matter how high prices rise.

Benefit when rates fall

 When fuel costs are below your cap, you pay the lower price. It’s always a win-win situation!

To learn more give us a call today: 928-636-1313.




Throughout our 20 years of business, customer safety has ALWAYS been our top priority, and we provide complimentary leak tests on eligible first fills!

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Control Your Spending TODAY!

Comfort Plus always gives you the best possible price for your fuel. When propane costs rise, you stay protected with a cap on the rate you pay. When fuel costs are below your cap, you pay the lower price. It's always a win-win situation!

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Call Ahead to Stay Warm!

No one wants to be left out in the cold!  Contact us BEFORE your tank is empty. Colder weather results in a spike in delivery requests, so make sure to schedule your delivery well before your fuel runs out!


Santa Fe Propane

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