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We've been serving our customers and local communities for over 90 years, proudly celebrating our dedication to safety, integrity and customer service providing a full-range of benefits to both residential and commercial customers.

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Over 20 Years of Quality Propane Service in Northern Arizona

Santa Fe Propane is a leading service provider of residential and commercial propane systems providing customers a green, safe and reliable energy source for the way they live and work.

Throughout its 20 years, Santa Fe Propane has seen lots of changes in the propane industry, but the commitment to our customers and elite service has never wavered. Whether your fuel is used to maintain comfort in your hope or is an integral part of your business operations, you can depend on unparalleled customer service. At Santa Fe Propane, we are committed to being a customer-first company that sets the highest standard for safety and service in the industry.

Santa Fe Propane is a family owned and operated business, that is well-oriented to the needs of our customers.  In fact, you have probably had one of the owners service your tank! 

And along with being one of the largest independent retailers in New Mexico, Santa Fe Propane is one of the largest family-owned propane distributors in the United States.

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Control Your Costs TODAY!

Comfort Plus always gives you the best possible price for your fuel. When propane costs rise, you stay protected with a cap on the rate you pay. When fuel costs are below your cap, you pay the lower price. It's always a win-win situation!

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Your Safety is Our Priority!

Throughout our 20 years of business, customer safety has ALWAYS been our top priority, and we provide complimentary leak tests on eligible first fills!



Call Ahead to Stay Warm!

No one wants to be left out in the cold!  Contact us BEFORE your tank is empty. Colder weather results in a spike in delivery requests, so make sure to schedule your delivery well before your fuel runs out!


Santa Fe Propane

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